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Promoting Education for a Brighter future by providing high quality training to the healthcare professional of tomorrow.

Who We Are
Celeste Training Center LLC is licensed and supervised by the NYS Department of Education Bureau of Proprietary Schools to teach the Certified Nurse Aide course (CNA), Home Health Aide (HHA) and Patient Care Assistant (PCA). Classes at Celeste Training Center are designed to give our students the best possible chance at reaching any and all of their specific career goals. We are dedicated to providing quality healthcare training programs to ensure student success. We strive to offer training programs in a format and with schedules that increase students’ ability to manage class time, homework, project assignments and mastery of material and skills. We include practical instruction in working in the health care profession to make sure that our students have the skills and confidence to seek employment and to be excellent members of the health care profession. All of our students are thoroughly training in providing caring, dedicated, and quality patient care. We constantly evaluate our programs for ways to improve the learning experience and improve our programs and we welcome suggestions and ideas from students.

Our Mission

At The Celeste Training Center, LLC, we pledge to provide high quality training and excellent service to our customers and students. We are committed to preparing our students for the challenges and experiences they will face as they take on a career in the healthcare industry. We are dedicated to helping them learn and develop the skills they need to thrive in their respective profession. Celeste Training Center, we are also devoted to being a positive part of our community as we strive to build and maintain relationships with our medical, heath care and training partners.

Our Vision

We strive to help as many individuals achieve their dream of becoming a healthcare professional as we can and become a reputable healthcare training center in our community.

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